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Investigating the Primary of Consciousness over Matter showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving from a Catapillar to a Butterfly  

finding the Spirit-within  in a state of Bioelectrical Wellness using High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals .

                   Welcome to a Science of Spirit Alliance 


      This is a story of a discovery of a greater life in A Science of Spirit Alliance an Acceleration of human evolution moving from caterpillar to butterfly in a state of bioelectrical wellness. 

    This science combines an Ancient philosophy of Life that became a true "Science of Spirit" for conscious people to study. This is an Investigation into the Primary of Consciousness showing an Acceleration of Human Evolution moving in consciousness with the knowledge of the Spirit-within using High-Spin Monoatomic Minerals in a Science of Bioelectrical Wellness. This gave rise the my first book, Science of Spirit, finding Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven in an Analogical Mind

      It all started with a severe case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity to toxic chemicals in the workplace that put my mind in deep fog for years not able to understand that I was unconscious in life just another cog in the wheel of the engines of commerce. 

    This unconsciousness of life ends with a deep understanding of "the awareness of being awareness in life" and came from 20 years of Investigations into the Mechanics of Consciousness. However, millions of human being suffer this same plague of unconsciousness. 

       This ancient discovery eventually manifests as a thesis on a "Unified Field Theory of life in an Evolution of Consciousness" to free the people of this malady.   This research showed Me... that there is an acceleration of Human Evolution to an Omega Point in Time, happening in the world, Today. 

         It is evolving the Spiritual Development of "Open minded Human Being to become Observers of reality in the moment" able to create a new life on a new Earth in the near future. 

          This research & discovery go from "No Mind" to a much deeper New mind expressing a "New Analogical State of Awareness" causing an Evolution of Consciousness in Body, Mind and Spirit of aware human beings. 

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Author & Researcher Robert Donald Tonelli

Neurotech Research Science of Spirit Alliance

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Robbing You Blind: How Fractional Reserve Banking creates Money out of Nothin

Creating Genius in a Future Society 

The Magic of living Water : and it's effects on Consciousness 

The Cancer Collusion: Germ Theories Pleomorphism and Cancer 

Science  of  Spirit:  Creating Genius in an Analogical Mind

Milk  Of  the  Gods:  An Alchemist's Bible of Monoatomic Elements.

Freedom  of  the  Spiritual  Warrior:  Living 200 years in Bioelectrical Wellness

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I Write & Publish a unique set of Books, on the latest Research of Mind, Meditation & Banking. Years of research show People how to live outside of "the monetary illusions of a materialistic corporate society" that controls the personality. I use Ancient philosophy to show the difference between the personality program & the real You (a Spiritual being) connected to the Spirit-within through an Analogical State of Mind. To help people understand this process of change, I use Astrological charts to give people a deeper understanding of the Mind. This allows them to see the difference & become one with the Spirit-within. I teach advanced meditation techniques, with light & sound brain stimulation, to make a lasting connection in mind body and Spirit. This is all laid out in the 10 books and 10 charts Science of Spirit Alliance researches, writes & publishes. The Workshops and Seminars seal the transition from society’s puppet to Spiritual Master. And it all starts with our 1st book Science of Spirit: consciousness -The Kingdom of Heaven & an Analogical Mind.

At Science of Spirit Alliance: I do Lectures, Seminars & Consulting on these topics… We show people the underlying current of life in a Science of Spirit [bringing two worlds back together in a unified world of consciousness where everything is connected]. This creates all the magic in life, piecing together dissociated knowledge so, people do not have to open terrifying vistas of reality. This allows the human mind to correlate all its contents as part of our Science of Spirit thesis on life. We no longer exist on a placid island of ignorance, locked in a personality program, in the illusions of a linear materialistic planet because we evolved beyond it. We are Investigating the Primacy of Consciousness over Matter in a materialistic Universe showing an Acceleration of Conscious Awareness in Human Evolution. This Philosophy starts from an Analogical formulation of the research gathered by many brilliant scientists and philosophers that opposed “the Newtonian physics of materialism” over the last 100 years. Our consulting takes a very practical approach to physical life that is Health Solution oriented not Disease Management for a profit {using clustered water, amino acids and Minerals} Evolving life back to Bioelectrical water-based Energy Beings using the latest research in High-spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals & “Sungazing Meditation at dawn.” To help keep the human body energized & healthy, we now apply the techniques of ancient moving meditations in Kundalini Yoga, Qigong & Tai Chi.

Our Vision: To show intelligent people a Unified Field Theory of life in an Evolution of Consciousness as an underlying current in a Science of Spirit as we Investigate the Mechanics of Consciousness outside of our materialistic society based on Money. We understand how to use an Analogical mind when using High-Spin Mono-Atomic Trace Minerals combined with Sungazing. This process is enhanced with an active meditation/contemplation exercise that is accelerating an Evolution of Consciousness in People beyond 200 years.

Our Mission: To See these Conscious people, live in the Spiritual Essence of Life outside of the Box of Materialism into the Consciousness Revolution. Free Bioelectrical Human Beings Evolving Life Well beyond 200 years Feeling Forever Young. Evolving the Spiritual Development of Open-minded People to become an Observer at the moment. We are using this same One mind outside of time, the past and the emotions able to see all potentials simultaneously living in the present moment.

Our Latest BooksOur updated & revised published Book "Science of Spirit," Here we Find Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven – within an Analogical State of Mind– unfolding a reality where Your Consciousness & Energy create the very Nature of Your physical existence her on planet earth, from observable results. and my new books are called, “Creating Genius in a Future Society” an in-depth analysis of An Analogical State of Mind, that connects You to the Spirit-within using the Law of “Right-Action Ethics and the next book teaches “You how to break-free of the Matrix”, called, “Robbing you Blind,” How Modern Corporate Banking is making Money out of Nothing & Making You Poor! Learn how to take control of your life, become your own banker in a decentralized society. And our latest book is called, Thoughts of a Philosopher, a Slave, an Emperor & a Christ Creating a Consciousness of Peace through active moving Meditations.

Our Programs: This is a radically different Consulting Business as we do Our Lectures Seminars & Wellness Promotions on the Bioelectrical, “Body, Mind & Spirit of Conscious People.” They are learning to use Monatomic Trace Minerals reconnecting bioelectrically to the Spirit-within in an Analogical Mind of Right-action Ethics. Wellness through Technology Enhanced Stress Management, Ancient Meditation. Our philosophy is indispensable outside of the illusions of fake news, alternative facts or conspiracy theories as we are evolving conscious lives creating intelligent people.

Our Ideal Customer & Associate: is an open-minded, spiritually oriented Person who want to learn about a new philosophy in a Science of Spirit. From a Science-based writer of Spiritual ideals using Quantum physics; sharing an ancient message of a real (science based) connection to the Spirit-within. We are looking for people that are fed-up with Corporate-Branded, Genetically Modified Sheeple in a toxic Monetary Society. Our Philosophy is on the nature & meaning of life in the universe that leads to a startling conclusion that Consciousness not matter or energy are the foundation of the cosmos. Science knows that Consciousness and matter are inextricably combined or linked, emerging as a sequence of events that become occasions of experience. In this view, the universe is not made of things or particles but a process of conscious/energy evolving life showing how events create reality. Our ideal customer wants to join the 21st Century of Spiritual Beings moving beyond an all too human experience with an ignorant Corporate Society to become part of a “Science of Spirit Alliance”. Our philosophy is a manual in “a new digital book form” for Creating Life, not survival with conscious & enlightening entertainment that include (Audio, video, music & pictures). 

 As the Writer/Researcher/Publisher for Neurotech Research, 
           This is the story of my life on how I was able to overcome my severe difficulties of toxic chemical poisoning in the workplace with No Mind... It took me many years to research and study an old philosophy of life from many great thinkers weaving it into a wonderful thesis... creating into a Unified Field Theory of life. The unique aspect of this story is I never gained any special power to change my life It was all just hard work focusing my mind on understanding the genius of the researchers and philosophers I studied. And now I feel normal with access to an Analogical state of Mind connected to the Spirit-within through an extraordinary state of consciousness to help solve all my problems of life.         .

        From these experiences I learned how and why Consciousness & Energy create the synchronicity of events in nature to change my reality and that it was not static or linear but evolutionary and that it was accelerating to an evolutionary end point... where chaos reaches its peak and "all static or linear forces collapse" and are destroyed. But here, I learned from my experiences that life was now evolutionary, propelling me forward outside of my broken programed life in society. Now, forces are accelerating to the peak and manifest infinite potentials... One of those is where the awareness of mind evolves to the next level of development in accordance with Natures Laws of Right Action Ethics and grows more complex at a higher level of consciousness. This evolutionary force is as natural... as the creation of life itself and can be seen in the creation of galaxies and the Universe. It is known as the "Law of Complexity Consciousness" {Teilhard de Chardin} and the "Law of Order out of Chaos" {Ilya Prigogine}. This process is responsible for all life and now we can control our own reality using Consciousness and Energy in focused meditation controlling the chaos of social life. With this process we can all become the real Alchemical Magicians in Life learning and studying how to connect back to the Spirit-within using an Analogical State of Consciousness and a defined will to move our energy.

            My First published book was in 2011, my philosophy series is Called, "Science of Spirit, Finding Lost Keys to a Kingdom of Heaven- Within an Analogical Mind ," and  my latest book is called, "Creating Genius in a Future Society". My company, of the past 25 years that has been "Studying Evolving Spiritual Movements in North America creating Alliances with conscious people around the world".                     

           I clarify in my writing a deeper philosophy of life in a balance of Science and Spirit for others to question and understand... creating an alliance of intelligent human beings, that is what I do. I am a researcher and writer on an Evolution of Consciousness describing a non-religious Spiritual development connected to nature and all life. This Thesis on Life is a non-linear, non-monetary look at life outside of the materialistic views of the engines of commerce that powers a monetary society creating a system of 9 to 5 wage slavery for its consumers. 

             This Science of Spirit Alliance focuses on a Unified Field Theory in an Evolution of Consciousness. This is the last frontier of Science. It is the study of the primacy of Consciousness elevating the Human Mind with the possibility of formulating a new understanding outside of the Newtonian paradigm of material reality. We are connecting Human Being back to life in nature and the Spiritual essence of life using an Analogical Mind. This reality is where Consciousness and energy create the synchronicity of events in nature to change our reality and evolve the nature of our world.                    

    Throughout the years in our investigations of the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution; Neurotech Research has developed a Unified Field Theory of an Evolution of Consciousness... that shows an acceleration of all life on the planet, moving to a Spiritual Singularity in Time/Space.

         We are Creating a new Reality to live Well-Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young using our Consciousness & personal Energy to create a new reality to evolve life in a Heaven on Earth. Our path is researching the Mechanics of Consciousness, finding roads to deeper Spiritual development while consuming High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals and doing our morning prayers at the first light while Sungazing. We have been Publishing Our Books  for over 25 years. Using the book, Science of Spirit. Any Questions.- Email Me @ 

Our Focus is to Teach Real human beings connected to evolving streams of consciousness how to reconnect their bioelectrical body back to its heart and soul the Spirit-within becoming Spiritual Warriors in life learning to consume Bioelectrical nutritional food and clustered alkaline water for physical bodies and how to tune the unresolved emotional/ chemical body back to the Spirit. Once People understand the real significance of Neurotech Science of Bioelectrical wellness, they can realize a new reality and return to being Water based bioelectrical energy Beings not mechanical beings in physical bodies. We can repair human electrical bodies that have energy problems, electro-magnetically in tune with nature and the Universe.  This means that all biochemical diseases all cancers and all problems are in reality bioelectrical problems of reduced energy input and output in the human water-based body, for all chemical and biological systems have electromagnetic signatures that can be tuned electrically like a fine violin back to its perfect pitch for everything in the Universe is electrical and just vibrating energy right down to the atoms that make up our biochemical water-based bodies.  

       With this paradigm shift in consciousness, we understand this process is using the electrical signatures of chemical processes with bioelectrical nutrition and vibrational medicine that allows for an alchemical change in an 80% electrically charged water-based body of a Bioelectrical Human Being.  We can now, with this new research realize greater potential as Bioelectrical energy Beings... not mechanical Beings... we can repair human electrical bodies that are damaged and have energy problems... electromagnetically in tune with Nature and the Universe, which is electrical.

       This means that all physical problems and all biochemical diseases are in reality Bioelectrical problems of reduced electrical energy input and output in the balance of the chemical body... and that this body has an electrical signature that can be adjusted electrically... correcting the chemical body and electrical imbalance in the chemical body without using chemicals... or primitive 20th century medicine.  

      This Philosophy has been understood for over 100 years with the advent of Quantum Physics so much so that Gene Roddenberry used this philosophy advancing the understanding of Quantum Physics in his Science fiction television series a 1000-fold in, Star Trek, in the mid 1960, showing how simple it is to see the world differently in the future without the Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex. In the Series, Dr. Lenard McCoy..  called this time, "the 20th Century Dark Ages". 

[Get the picture... Dr. Lenard McCoy... with his Tricorder from the Star Ship Enterprise correcting all biochemical and electrical problems with a hand-held electrical device...{that looked like an I-Phone with an adapter to take readings from the body... collect the data and have a number of Apps in the I-Phone correct the problem by sending out the right frequencies to the body correcting all problems}... 

      The potential in the near future for this to be done is great with advancing technologies... by balancing the body through correcting the light, sound and electrical frequencies in the human body that are out of balance and not in sync with nature, so that it is always in balance. I am surprised that there is not already an app for that from Apple... maybe Windows 10 + apps will be developed with their new holographic software.

The technology is here... the apps only need to be refined... 

     In reality we are always connected to all life in nature and the universe... For everything in the Universe is connected electrically and just vibrating energy... right down to the atoms that make up our biochemical bodies.

   As a radically different type of Consulting Business? We teach, with this knowledge, how "Conscious Intelligent Beings" can become financially independent redefining and rebooting Consumer-based Sheeple in Society back to "Water-based Bioelectrical Human Beings" with unlimited potential... creating Genius in their lives and the lives of their  families and friends. 



Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit


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